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An overview of all policy topics currently covered by PolicyLine is shown.

You can:
  • explore the policy processes beyond a policy topic by clicking on one of the “More” buttons
  • or
  • directly search for a policy process in the search field.

Assessing the status of policy processes just got easier than ever. Now you can spend your time for what really matters: shaping the future!

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PolicyLine is currently in a private beta phase. Please sign in with your EurActory username and password. Or join now and create an account! Below, you see the concept behind PolicyLine:

  • Get informed about ongoing EU policy processes organized as hierarchical timelines.
  • Identify the most relevant documents in the policy process.
  • Add missing documents to the policy process.
  • Share your personal view by rating the documents.
  • Estimate the outcome of a policy process.

Further details about the project available on http://project.eucommunity.eu/

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